Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sweating Inflammation

Everything that comes out of your body is something you don't need. When you sweat, all the stuff that comes out with the liquid is a waste product. Your body is taking the opportunity to get rid of it as that liquid passes out of your body to cool you off.

You wipe off urine and feces from your tail when you're done pushing some out of your bladder and alimentary canal. You brush your teeth when you're done dumping nutrients into the other end. You should wash off your body when you're done sweating, at least done sweating for now. The sediment that is in sweat causes inflammation, which is the secret ingredient to future heart conditions, strokes, heart attacks, and other circulatory issues, all of which kill more people than nearly anything. 

That might kill you, too, so be sure to banish early that oily bacteria, unless of course you just don't care. Valuing one's own longevity, and that of any other life, is a choice every individual gets to make, much to the chagrin of the downtrodden, those who are allowed few major choices in life and, as an egotistical reaction, deify supernatural selection.

Thus, to preserve the health of your circulatory system, keep your skin clean, inside and outside. Outside, keep your fleshy surfaces clean, including your scalp, armpits, mouth, and all crotch exits and accessories. Inside, keep your throat clean by avoiding excessive digestion, where stomach acid splatters up into your esophagus and lungs. This "heartburn" is often caused by spicy foods and/or foods your stomach is not used to digesting. 

Also inside, keep your ear, nose, and throat passages clean, free of mucus and irritation. Those with allergies are at a disadvantage, as allergic responses are the front face of inflammation itself. You don't have to run around washing constantly. But when the liquid schtuff evaporates, the remaining schtuff is no good, it's no good, it's no good... baby, it's no good. Don't make me say it again.

The human heart is the clock of our lives, the heartbeat ticking away the seconds we have left. Inflammation makes it tick faster, harder, and louder. Unfamiliar stress is whole-body inflammation. So, get used to stress levels before you add additional stress. Walk before you run, in all things. And wash all that sweat off when you're done.